Redress Your House If You Are Selling Your House

September 8, 2009


Reasons best known to you, but if you are looking forward to get into a real estate contract for selling your house, there are certain things that you should be careful about. Like the cost that would be incurred while you are selling your house. As least the cost means better would be the deal for you. Most of the houses are sold at a good price but the owner still cribs, the reason is simple as the price that is mentioned in the real estate contract and what the owner gets in hand is different. The difference is because of the cost of sale that shall include the real estate agent commissions, legal expenses and most of it the cost of getting the house in a buyer acceptable shape.

If you want to sign a winning real estate contract, then you should find ways to cut these costs. Most of the people find the difference between the value mentioned in the real estate contract to that what they actually get. This is because they spend quite a lot on the renovation of the house.

Always remember that there is a market price of the property, which is close to what you would see reflecting in the real estate contract, and the same can only be sold at an exceptionally great price in case the buyer has a weakness for your property or if there is something exceptionally unique about your property. Both these things are uncontrollable. Irrespective of how much you would spend on decorating your house you would not be able to recover that from the sale of your house, in fact on the other hand the void between the actual and that mentioned in the real estate contract in terms of the value of the house would keep on increasing.

While selling your house you shall never go wrong in case you keep the value in the real estate as the target. Meaning, that you should be spending the least possible on redressing your house, you can’t make it exceptionally beautiful as then the cost would be incurred – just by taking care of the basics the house could be buyer acceptable.

This would help you keep the cost within the arena and at the same time, your house would be sold for what it is worth. Considering to get the outside walls of the house painted as against getting an Italian kitchen installed in the house, to get a better value is any day a better way to shorten the distance between the real value and what you get in hand after the deductions.

Hence, if you want to be happy after selling your house and signing that real estate contract, then consider redressing your house and not renovating it.